DISCOVER URBAN ARCHAEOLOGY! APVLVM 2007- temporary exhibition held at the National Museum of Unification in Alba Iulia, 2008

The exhibition presented the results of the rescue archaeological exacavations carried out in Apulum by the archaeologists from the Research Department of Archaeology (National Museum of Unification Alba Iulia), during 2007.

The concept was based on displaying authentic archaeological material ( Roman pottery jewelry, harness parts, Roman coins, medical instruments, terracottas, stamped bricks and tiles), but also the reconstruction of a Roman inhumation grave in brick sarcophagus, a funeral pyre and especially video projection of a 3D reconstruction of Roman public building discovered in 2006.

In this context, the importance of the exhibition is the attempt to familiarize the visitors with the local archaeological realities and the rescue of the archaeological heritage.

Roman pavement

Roman hairdressing

3D reconstruction (Roman building)

Roman brick sarcophagus

Funeral pyre


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