ROMAN NECROPOLIS – Dealul Furcilor 2008 (rescue excavation on 64 Viilor St., Alba Iulia)

The rescue archaeological excavation was carried out in Alba Iulia, 64, Viilor Street, on the surface destined for a warehouse building.
The investigated area is situated in the eastern part of the Roman necropolis from Dealul Furcilor, on the slope which descends from the first terrace of the Mureş River. The respective terrain lies also at the northern end of the Partoş district and it represents the closest explored part of the cemetery to the Roman town Colonia Aurelia Apulensis.
There were discovered and recorded 18 Roman graves: 13 cremation graves (6 of them were bustum type and 7 ustrinum type), 4 inhumation graves in brick sarcophagi  and a cenotaph. These Roman graves belong to the same burial horizon dated to the 2nd – 3rd centuries A.D., on the basis of the funerary inventory.

© Cronica Cercetărilor Arheologice din România, Campania 2008 – VALACHICA XXI-XXII, nr.113.

inhumation graves in brick sarcophagi (IIIrd century A.D.)remains of the caligae – the iron hobnails in situ.

cremation graves (busta)

cremation grave (ustrina) with inventory (IInd century A.D.)


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