APVLVM I – Colonia Aurelia Apvlensis 2007 (rescue excavation on 104G Regimentul V Vanatori St., Partos district, Alba Iulia )

WALL FOUNDATIONS OF BUILDING B ( second half of the IInd century A.D. ) – BRICK PAVEMENT OF BUILDING C (IIIrd century A.D.)

The archaeological rescue excavation was carried out with the purpose of discharging the archaeological load of the surface destined to build a shop. The terrain is in the central area of Partos district.

The rescue archaeological excavation carried out in this area of the Roman site Apulum I, evidenced important aspects concerning the succession of the inhabitation phases corresponding to its urbanistic and historical evolution. The intensity of the inhabitation is also given by the reporting to the main road, cardo maximus, nearby which there were the researched buildings.

There have been discovered traces of three Roman buildings (insulae) : building A chronologically dating between the beginning and middle of the IInd century A.D., building B, dating between the middle and end of the IInd century A.D., building C dates from the end of the IInd century-the first half of the IIIrd century A.D. The construction technique especially the elements of relative chronology make the connection between these inhabiting phases and the stages of urbanistic development, from the status of vicus of Colonia Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa, in the first phase, that of Municipium Aurelium Apulense after 160 A. D for the second phase, and, finally, the important status of Colonia Aurelia Apulensis received under Commodus ( 180 – 192 A.D.) corresponding to the third phase dated between the end of the IInd century-the third quarter of the IIIrd century A.D.

© Discover Urban Archaeology! Apvlvm 2007, Exhibition Catalogue, Alba Iulia 2008


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